st. petersburg apartments; roomfinder, reservations, accommodations WHERE    TO     STAY      IN       ST.PETERSBURG        FOR      A     WEEK      OR     MORE?         Need a self catering?         See what available in St. Petersburg lodging market now. St. Isaac cathedral
 Looking for a place to stay in St. Petersburg for a week or more?  Is it  worthwhile to pay a few hundred dollars per night in
a hotel for a family of three?  Is it quiet and safe to stay in private apartments, as it usually is in Europe?
Do you need a selfcatering? See what is available in St. Petersburgs  lodging market now.  The primary advantage of these accommodations when they are compared to hotel accommodations is that hotels charge on a per-person basis whereas the prices of these apartments are the same for one person or for a family of two or three.
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