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Last updated: 29 Jan 2001
 #*1 Russia news, News Events in Russia, News from Russia
 #*2 Search engines, Russia
 #*3 People, Peoplefinder, People Search
 #*4 Currency, Currency converter, Exchange Rates
 #*5 Metric converter
 #*6 Passengers Information
 #*7 Authorities of St. Petersburg
 #*8 Visa, Russian Consulate
 #*9 Russian Art, Artists, Ballet, Museums
 #*10 Russia Business, Russia Doing Business, Practices
 #*11 Russian History
 #*12 Russian Language
 #*13 Russian Cuisine
 #*14 St.Petersburg Guides, Moscow City Guides
 #*15 Tourist Tips
 #*16 The Russian Environment
 #*17 Good Stuff Mix
*1 Russia news, News Events in Russia, News from Russia
* Voice of Russia World Service * Current hour news digest(cyr)
* Chechnya Australian  University Chechnya info *
* www.strana.ruNTV- Current news - Russia online *  * *
*  * * St Petersburg - Pulse  Magazine *
 * Moscow Times  * Russian Life Magazine  * Inter-fax News Agency *   Russia Today *
 * Russian Informational Center  Russia Journal *
 *  Stratfor Intelligence Service -  Russia *
  * Russian Periodicals Online * Russian internet press cataloque (cyrillic) *
  * *,cyr) *
  * *,cyr)

*2 Search engines, Russia
 ** ** *
 * *** * *
 * * * * *
*3 People, Peoplefinder, People Search
 * St.Petersburg * 169 Russian towns * 143 Russian & Baltic  **

*4 Currency, Currency converter, Exchange Rates
* Currency exchangeRuble Exchange RatesUniversal Currency Converter
* Current exchange rates

*5 Metric converter
* Metric Converter from Culture-Bridge * Weber's Online Conversions to U.S. Clothing Sizes

*6 Passengers Information
* Airlines offices in St. Petersburg
* Passengers info
* Discounts for ISIC in St Petersburg
* Discounts for ISIC in Russia
* Airlines offices in St. Petersburg
* Do the town, museums
* Alexander Nevsky Lavra
* Map of Petersburg
* An Index of St. Petersburg's Streets
* A Walk though the City Center of St. Petersburg
* Metro
* Sights
* Views of St. Petersburg Photo Pictures
* Pushkin (tzarskoy selo)
* Pavlovsk
* Peterhof (Petrodvorets)

*7 Authorities of St. Petersburg
 Foreign affairs committee

*8 Visa, Russian Consulate
Russian Embassy - Washington DC
Russian Consulate - San Francisco
Russian Consulate - New York
Russian Embassies & Consulates Worldwide @ Embassy World
Russian Embassies Worldwide (Cyrillic)
Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
US Citizens Foreign Entry Requirements 2000
World - Embassy and Consulate Directory
Visa Requirements Worldwide
Electronic Embassy

*9 Russian Art,Cinema, Museums, Artists, Ballet
* The History of Russian Art  from the icons to the 20th century
* Icons, 11th-16th Century* Icon-painting in ancient Novgorod*Understanding Russian Icons
* The Andrei Rublyov Museum * short biography * Russian medieval icon
* Khokhloma wooden dinnerware Requires Windows 1251 fonts.
* Russian icon-painting of Palekh* Exhibit of Palekh Art
*Russian Cinema* Sergei Eisenstein * Russian film archive * Abamedia archive
* Library of Congress Russian film archive* Contemporary Russian Cinema* Nikita Mikhailkov
* Descriptions of classic Russian films* Bucknell's Bertrand Library
* Museums* Hermitage Museum* Russian Musical Instruments Museum* Bread Museum* Religion Museum* The Moscow Pushkin Museum
* The State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow* The Tretyakov Gallery* short page
* St. Petersburg - Copying Old  Masters Paintings
* Gallery of the masterpieces of Russian 19th Century
* Aivazovsky - Russia's premier seas-cape painter.
* Peter Karl Faberge* Faberge the younger* Easter eggs * Other Faberge sites* Russian Imperial Easter Egg
* Russian "non-conformist art"
* Russian Architecture* A selection of photos of Russian architecture 1895-1910
* Russian Constructivism * Kandinsky * Exhibition of Kandinsky * Malevich
* Soviet art of Socialist Realism of the 1920-1950-s* The Virtual Museum of Political Art
* Soviet posters from the Revolution to World War II
* A set of  articles on Russian art, architecture, folk sonts, dance
* The Soros Center for Contemporary Arts St. Petersburg
* Current exhibitions, Play-bill
* Classical music in Petersburg
* Mariinsky Theater* St. Petersburg - Kirov Ballet* Moscow - Bolshoi Theater* Russian Ballet
* Russian theaters * Moscow Art Theater (MKhAT)* Konstantin Stanislavsky's Method

*10 Russia Business, Russia Doing Business, Practices
* Living and doing business in Russia American Chamber of Commerce in Russia
* U.S. Government's one-stop shop for doing business in Russia
* St. Petersburg Stock Exchange
* Who is Who in Russia
* Compromising File Records in Russia

*11 Russian History
Links to Russian history resources
Chronology of Russian History
Extract from the archival repositories in the Russian Federation
A moderated discussion group focussed on Russian history
Family tree of the royal family: The House of Rurik
Family tree: The House of Romanov
The Grand Princes of Kiev
The Grand Princes of Vladimir
The Tsars of Russia
Russian, Polish, and Georgian genealogy
An excellent: Short articles with links
Russian nobility on-line news - the remaining members of the tsarist family
The Face of Russia, breadth of Russian history by James Billing-ton
The major histories of Russia: Kliuchevsky, Soloviev, Gumilev, cyrillic
Journal of Russian history on line Windows 1251 font

*12 Russian Language
Cyrillic Character set
AATSEEL Font and Keyboard Page
List of software for studying Russian
Cyrillic KOI8 fonts
Large collection of Cyrillic fonts
Russnet - a major on-line Russian language resource
Conversational Russian Course
Russian Word Form Analyzer
Russian Web Tutor
Slide show of Russian signs with English equivalents
Monumental work of Period Russian Names, onomastics
Russian-English Collocation Dictionary of the Human Body
Russian Linguistics Journal
The Slavic Review- folklore, history, literature, politics, economics
Slavic and East European Folklore Association.
Wonderful resource - 1907 Brockhaus-Efron Encyclopedia
If you learn Russian - Dictionary with Sounds & Images
The best English-Russian dictionary - Mueller's English-Russian
IPA pronunciation guide, syllables, synonyms, thesaurus, for professionals
On-line Russian-English-Russian dictionary
English-Russian-English dictionary, Any Cyrillic code-page works.
Russian-English Computer Dictionary
Idiomatic Dic
Sokrat Russian-English and English-Russian Translator
PROMPT Free Internet Translation Service
Humor* FUNET* SovInfoBuro* UNC* Gusarskij club* Victor Bogorad,cartoonist (in English)* Jokes b Verner
* Folklore of the Russian Student

*13 Russian Cuisine
Borshch, shchi, kasha Cookbook
Typical Russian dinner menu
Gourmet Russian Cuisine
Russian wine
Georgian wine

*14 St.Petersburg Guides, Moscow City Guides
St. Petersburg - At Your Fingertips City Guide
St. Petersburg - On-line
St. Petersburg - Fresh Guide
St. Petersburg - Lonely Planet - Destination
St. Petersburg - Rough Guides
St. Petersburg - The Other
St. Petersburg Web
St. Petersburg - City guide
St. Petersburg - for Everybody
St. Petersburg Internet Portal
St.Petersburg - Traveler's Yellow Pages
St. Petersburg - Yellow Pages
Moscow - Lonely Planet - Destination
Moscow - Rough Guides
Moscow - Time Out
Moscow - Guide
Moscow - Traveler's Yellow Pages
Moscow - Yellow Pages

*15 Tourist Tips, Travel Advisories
* Do the town, museums
* Alexander Nevsky Lavra
* Map of Petersburg
* An Index of St. Petersburg's Streets
* A Walk though the City Center of St. Petersburg
* Metro
* Sights
* Views of St. Petersburg Photo Pictures
* Pushkin (tzarskoy selo)
* Foreign Embassies and Consulates in Russia - Embassy World
* Foreign Embassies in Russia
* Russian Customs Regulations for Travelers - (Cyrillic)
* Travlang - Travel Language Translator
* Visa ATM Global Locator
* AT&T Worldwide Traveler - Russia Access Codes
* Russia -
* - Travel and Tourism
* Russian and East European Studies - WWW Virtual Library
* Russian Page - Vicnet
* Eastern Europe and Russia
* Dazhdbog's Grandchildren
* SovInformBureau
* Little Russia in San Antonio, TX.
* Russia Ecotourism
* Russia Today Related Sites
* Russia Tourism Pages
* Russia travel and tourism information
* Russia Travel Guide @
* Russia on the Net
* Slavophilia - Russia
* Slavophilia-Russia and Central-Eastern European Internet Resources
* St.Petersburg - All WWW
* Travel Europe - Russia
* Travel Library's Russia
* - Russia
* Travel-Finder Russia
* Travigator - Travel search engine
* Visiting Russia and St Petersburg
* Yahoo! RecreationTravelTraveloguesBy RegionCountriesRussia

*16 The Russian Environment
All these sites require Windows CP-1251 or   KOI8-R fonts.
 * Socio-Ecological  Union (SEU)- 300 organizations in Russia, Belorussia, Ukraine
* The Center for Coordination and Information
* Global resource information database (GRID)includes information on Russia
* The Russian Governmental Policy on Environmental Protection" (1996)
* The ECOLOGIA - an organization of the Russian environment

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